Employers and employees in automotive business

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1. Introduction
1.1. Purpose of research
1.2. Small and medium-size enterprise

2. Structure of sample
2.1. Division with regard to: age, gender, position, kind of commercial activity, size of company

3. Organization structure

3.1. Organization chart in companies on automotive market
3.1.1Structure of company and number of employees
3.1.2Structure of company and kind of commercial activity
3.2. Models of management- theory and practice
3.2.1. Method of management and opinion about effectiveness’ different styles of management
3.2.2. Age of the owner and style of management
3.2.3. Method of management and kind of commercial activity

4. Motivating systems
4.1. Modern motivation’s theories
4.2. Employees’ opinion about motivation

5. Loyalty of employees
5.1. Personnel changes in automotive companies
5.1.1. Frequency of changes and them reasons
5.1.2. Rotation and opinion about employees’ loyalty as a value for company

5.2. Elements creating loyalty
5.2.1. Outlook on importance of money in getting loyal employees and level of salary

6. Integration of companionship
6.1. Influence of integration on effectiveness of work
6.2. Relation between employers ad employees
6.2.1. Personnel changes and opinion about good relations employers- employees
6.3. Ways of employees’ integration in automotive companies

6.3.1. Integration meetings and size of company
6.3.2. Integration meetings and frequency of personnel changes
6.3.3. Organization of integration meetings and opinion about importance of integrated team
6.3.4. Incentives

7. Assessment and salary system
7.1. Assessment system
7.2. Employees’ assessment in automotive companies

7.2.1. Assessment and size of company
7.3. Salaries in automotive companies
7.3.1. Position and opinion about level of salary
7.3.2. Kind of salary and kind of business activity
7.3.3. Level of salaries and frequency of personnel changes

8. Conclusion
8.1. Findings

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