Raport: Brands and range of spare parts sold by distributors in Czech Republic

, 7 sierpnia 2012, 15:21

Raport przedstawia marki i szerokość asortymentu dystrybutorów części zamiennych w Czechach. Opracowanie dostępne jest w języku angielskim

This analysis provides an overview of the assortment of brands sold by distributors. In this analysis, you find the specific brands that have distributors in range. Sort is by brand and by product groups. Also you can find overview of private labels distributed by distributors in the Czech market.


1. Range – Brands and distributors

2. Product categories, brands and distributors

2.01 Brake systems – brake shoes, pads, discs, drums, hydraulics, accessories
2.02 Chassis parts –  steering suspension, CV joints, bearings, axles, boots, silentblocks
2.03 Filters – oil, cabin, fuel, air
2.04 Shock absorbers, springs and accessories
2.05 Cluches – sets, pressure plate,lclutch discs, bearing, hydraulics
2.06 Engine parts – thermostats, turbochargers, water pumps, fuel pumps, engine parts
2.07 Timing kits – belts,tensioners, pulleys
2.08 Gasket
2.09  Radiators, heating, air condition
2.10 Electrical parts – alternators, starters, sensors, ignition parts , lambda sensor, air mass sensors , intake air and fuel  valves
2.11  Plugs – spark, glow, Ignition cables
2.12 Bulbs
2.13 Acumulators
2.14 Body parts
2.15 Exhaus, catalic convertors, accessories
2.16 Oils, fluids and lubricants

3. Distributor private labels

3.01 The number of private labels of distributors

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