UKRAINE – Spare parts market in Poland

, 13 kwietnia 2007, 0:00

Report “The Ukrainian automotive market” informs about the most important regional distinctions of the actual development of the Ukrainian automotive market and gives an idea about the interesting perspectives and the increasing of the automotive industry in Ukraine.

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Prefacing of Prof. Dr. Bernd Gottschalk (President of the VDA)
Prefacing of Prof. Dr. Serhij Farenik (previous ambassador of the Ukraine in Germany)
Prefacing of Vadim T. Liaschov (President of the association of the car manufacturers in the Ukraine – UKRAUTOPROM)
Executive summary

1. The Ukraine as a localization for automotive industry and trade
1.1 Geopolitical location
1.2 Economic development
1.3 Basic conditions for foreign investors
1.3.1 Legal basis
1.3.2 Definitions of foreign investments
1.3.3 General basic conditions
1.3.4 Registration of foreign investors

1.3.5 Protection of the rights of foreign investors
1.4 Structure of the population and income
1.4.1 Structure of the population and prognoses
1.4.2 Development of income

2. Infrastructure at traffic
2.1 Rail traffic
2.2 Airports / air traffic
2.3 Roads / Road traffic

2.4 Road accidents
2.5 Fuel consumption
2.6 Gas stations
2.7 Technical monitoring service (“Techosmotr”)
2.8 Insurance scheme for passenger car
2.9 Taxation scheme for passenger cars

3. Structure of the automotive and components producing industry fated by region

3.1 Enterprises and employees
3.2 Wages and salaries
3.3 Turnover

4. The automotive markets
4.1 The passenger car market
4.1.1 Production (total and by manufacturers)
4.1.2 Import and export
4.1.3 Units in operation

4.1.4 First registrations
4.1.5 Development trends in the passenger car market of the Ukraine
4.1.6 Profiles of important car manufacturers
4.2 The truck market (without trucks built for special using)
4.2.1 Production of trucks (total and by manufacturers)
4.2.2 Import and export
4.2.3 Units in operation
4.2.4 First registrations
4.2.5 Development trends in the truck market of the Ukraine

4.2.6 Profiles of important truck manufacturers
4.3 The bus market (incl. Mini-Buses)
4.3.1 Production of buses (total and by manufacturers)
4.3.2 Import and export
4.3.3 Units in operation
4.3.4 First registrations
4.3.5 Development trends in the bus market of the Ukraine
4.3.6 Concise profiles of important bus manufacturers

5. The market of vehicle components
5.1 Production
5.2 The aftermarket for passenger car components
5.2.1 Definitions
5.2.2 The market situation 2004
5.2.3 The market development until 2010
5.2.4 Yearly costs of ownership for passenger cars components per car (only material)

6. Ranking of the most important manufacturers in the automotive market of the Ukraine by turnover in 2004

6.1 Manufacturers of passenger cars, buses and trucks
6.2 Manufacturers of car bodies, bodyworks, trailers, and caravans
6.3 Manufacturers of components and accessories (OEM/AM)
6.3.1 Car HiFi
6.3.2 Batteries / accumulators
6.3.3 Electricity / electronics / electrical installations
6.3.4 Controls and instruments
6.3.5 Cleaner
6.3.6 Air conditions

6.3.7 Other parts / accessories
6.4 Motors and motor parts
6.5 Auto glass
6.6 Chemical products
6.7 Tires (new, retreated and other rubber parts)

7. Ranking of the most important wholesalers and retailers in the automotive market of the Ukraine by turnover in the aftermarket in 2004
7.1 Wholesaler of new and used passenger cars, trucks and buses
7.2 Wholesaler of parts, accessories, tires and car paint

7.3 Retail of parts, accessories, tires



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