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The part I “GARAGE MARKETING SYSTEMS AT THE TEST BENCH” is dealing with the basic structures of the systems. There are overviews about the actual number of partners of the systems, who is steering the systems and if the systems are franchise – or agreement systems. In a “to do” part are recommendations given how to act in the future. An own research parts shows the results of a survey among systems partners and their systems and shows interesting development trends opposite a comparable research project in 1999. Finishing a detailed data base with the most important contact data of 64 systems is given.

The part II “Comparison of the garage marketing systems” consists in a data bank of 35 systems. For each system there is a detailed description which performance modules the systems contain, what are the costs and which minimum standards have to be reached. The structure of the data bank is the same for all systems so we are able to create interesting benchmark comparisons.

The price of a single License for first part of„ Garage marketing systems at the test bench” report is 950 EUR, the second part also costs 950 EUR . If you are interested in purchasing of this report, please e-mail us on  or  If you need some additional information, please call: +48 22 489-72-21

The content

Part I: Garage marketing systems at the test bench

1. Preface, objective target

2. Development in the after sales market
2.1 Influencing factors on the development of the automotive aftermarket
2.2 Garage development

3. The garage marketing systems in the German aftermarket
3.1 The systems concerning mechanic/electric/electronic

3.1.1 Full-service systems (Main systems, Subsystems)
3.1.2 Product orientated detail systems
3.2 Body and paint systems
3.3 Smart repair systems
3.4 Tire – and fast fit systems
3.5 Auto glass systems
3.6 Specialised retail store systems
3.7 Status and future recommendations how to act in the future
3.7.1 Concentrating process

3.7.2 The car driver in the focus of the garage marketing systems

4. To Do’s for franchisors, the wholesale, industry and garage partner

5. Results of the survey concerning the full service systems including comparison with the results of 1999
5.1 Rating of the systems and their garage partners
5.2 Intensity of the realisation of the capacity modules
5.3 Rating of the loyalty of the partners to their system
5.4 Likes/Dislikes from the point of view of the garage partners

5.5 Potential to improve
5.6 Service contract vs. System contract
5.7 Demographic data about the garage partners

6. Result

7. Data base of contacts to 64 systems

Part II: Comparison of the garage marketing systems – 37 Systems profiles –

The data base of profiles enfold the follow systems:
Full service – systems: 1a, AC Auto Check, ad AUTO DIENST, ad truck drive,
Autofit, AutoCrew, Auto Einmaleins, Automeister, ASP,
Bosch Partner System, Coparts Plus, dieautowerkstatt,
Meisterhaft, Motoo, premio, stop + go, and the sub systems AUTOMOBIL Meisterwerkstatt,, Top Meisterwerkstatt
Product orientated Partner, Hella Service Partner, LuK Meisterservice, Original detail systems Sachs Service, Pierburg Service
Body and paint systems: Acoat Selected, Identica, Rep@net

Tire systems: autoPartner, Auto plus, Temot Verbundpartner, Coparts Plus, Handelspartner
The part for each system in the study is about 4-6 pages. The profiles are based on the information given by the systems and have been update in summer of 2005.



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